Our Relationship
with Art

ORIGYN Art is a democratized community for the fine art market on the blockchain. We establish a connection between physical works of art and NFT certificates to create the ultimate marketplace experience for creators, industry professionals, collectors and enthusiasts.

Van Gogh

Enabling Certified Authenticity and Democratized Ownership

We believe truth can be certified, and we enable galleries, artists and collectors to ensure the authenticity and provenance of their treasured art assets via a digital twin. By tokenizing highly desirable physical works of art as guaranteed NFT certificates, democratized co-ownership becomes a reality, bringing a new dimension to the world of art.


What challenges do we solve?

ORIGYN Art addresses two primary challenges in the art industry:


Traditionally, sales of physical pieces are often limited to galleries, art dealers and auction houses and ownership confined to a select group of collectors. However, rapid technological developments such as blockchain have accelerated a considerable shift in the art industry toward digitalization of sale processes.


Masterpieces from world-renowned artists will always provide vital benchmarks, both for history and the economics of art collecting, but these pieces have typically been unattainable by the vast majority. By allowing artists, galleries, art dealers and auction houses to certify the authenticity of an artwork via a digital twin, ORIGYN Art lowers the barrier of entry for buyers, bringing it to a greater and broader audience and setting the course for a market of the future through co-ownership.

Governance Structure

ORIGYN Art is formed and governed by some of the most influential participants in the global art market—from major galleries and art dealers to fairs, collectors and auction houses—who each control and operate as a governance “Node.”

Node status allows select participants to work alongside ORIGYN Foundation by minting certificates and serving as the gatekeepers of authentication. Nodes also receive voting power to help determine the future of the ORIGYN Art vertical, and may operate marketplaces where art pieces are bought and sold (e.g., Impossible Art powered by ORIGYN).

How to buy and sell

At ORIGYN Art, we create NFTs of physical art and enable co-ownership of highly desirable artworks. We take only the most sought after, collectible pieces and digitally certify them for sale on an open marketplace.

Digital Twin

Once our governance approves a physical work of art to be added to the ORIGYN protocol, it is then tokenized as a digital twin—a solitary, tamperproof duplicate of the authenticated physical object. ORIGYN creates this digital twin, which serves as a permanent certificate of authenticity. This becomes the starting point for owners to divide the digital twin into unique NFTs before placing their highly desirable works of art for sale on an open market. It is also the basis for buyers to confirm the authenticity of these select works.


The NFT can be split into pieces, all individual and unique NFTs of their own, for sale digitally. Initial owners of a physical art piece determine the percentage of the artwork they would like to sell, offering instant access to a new dimension in art acquisition and ownership. Buyers can purchase one or multiple NFTs from an array of artworks—all of which can be resold at any time to other collectors. Because each artwork is divided into pieces, every collector acts as a co-owner.

Storage & Sale

Physical artworks are stored in a highly secure vault in Switzerland while their digital twins are made available by ORIGYN. When the individual pieces are sold, buyers receive their share of the digital work in their portfolio, and owners receive their pro-rata proceeds after fees. Based on its technology, ORIGYN aims to allow any third party to make offers to purchase the physical artwork at any time, as well as enable buyers to vote for an exit price, making decisions in a democratic way.

The technology

ORIGYN runs on the Internet Computer (IC), developed by the DFINITY Foundation. The IC is a revolutionary, decentralized global compute platform we leverage to mint, maintain and transfer digital twins. Advanced cryptography and decentralized technology make the protocol tamper-proof and efficiently scalable. Built upon the foundation of the IC’s superior technology, ORIGYN Art aims to become the most secure, accessible and fair art ecosystem ever created.

The advantages


Eliminates the risk of losing certificates of authenticity for works of art

Expands client base, resulting in a larger network of collectors and art enthusiasts

Creates a global market for art exchanges

Lowers the “price barrier” for art collectors and enthusiasts

Offers transparency for artists and galleries and greater control of ownership for participants

Enables artists to receive a percentage of current and future sales

Increases the visibility of works of art, which often receive too little exposure