For the First Time in History,
an Object Becomes Proof
of its Own Authenticity

ORIGYN Luxury is the first and only certification platform designed to prove the authentication and ownership of luxury goods using an object’s own biometry. No external proxies—no QR code, no barcodes, no microchips or add-ons. We use the item’s unique characteristics to guarantee the authenticity of luxury watches, leather goods, fashion and fine or high jewelry items.


Guaranteeing Authenticity for Unprecedented Value

ORIGYN Luxury provides a universal solution for all industry players—brands, certified pre-owned resellers, retailers and, ultimately, consumers—by securing an item’s identity, authenticity and ownership data within a digital twin. These NFT certificates provide unique value opportunities for each sub-sector of the luxury industry—from increased consumer confidence and additional revenue streams to new services for owners.

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What challenges do we solve?

ORIGYN Luxury addresses four primary challenges for the industry:

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Proof of Authenticity and Ownership

Certifying authenticity and ownership without proxies has been a nearly impossible task for the luxury sector until now. ORIGYN Luxury changes all of this by using an object’s biometry to certify its authenticity. This certification is also backed by a global guarantee, where ORIGYN provides compensation for any item proven to be counterfeit in its inventory of minted objects, while providing the transparency and security end-consumers require. Ultimately, we will enable every smartphone to match and authenticate luxury items.


As the resale market continues to grow, certifying the authenticity of pre-owned luxury goods has become more critical than ever. By creating a “digital twin” of a physical item, we can now guarantee its authenticity for a lifetime. This unlocks new growth corridors, including customer service alerts, personalization and new consumer experiences across the luxury sector. Our digital twins and NFT certificates stand the test of time.


Sellers of certified pre-owned assets need to build trust with consumers and create opportunities to engage with the end-consumer. ORIGYN enables this by creating a new customer journey and post-sales ecosystem through our digital twins.


Counterfeit luxury goods have become increasingly sophisticated and hard to detect. Despite extensive and costly efforts from brands and retailers, international trade in counterfeit luxury goods continues to grow. By establishing a guaranteed digital certificate, you can now fight counterfeiting at a global scale proactively and by empowering the end-consumer with an advanced certification solution.

Reimagining Digital Twins

Certifying Trust

ORIGYN Luxury uses a combination of intelligent technologies, including computer vision, artificial intelligence and decentralized infrastructure to mint, match, maintain and transfer digital twins. These NFT certificates provide a universal solution for certifying trust across the luxury watch, fine jewelry and fashion sectors.

Here’s how it works

First, the luxury item is authenticated with a high degree of confidence. After that, an irrefutable digital twin is minted as an NFT certificate. This twin may be used to re-authenticate the item at any future point in time. ORIGYN then guarantees the authenticity of the minted object throughout its lifecycle. ORIGYN also maintains a record of roles and entitlements relating to the item within the NFT, facilitating management of the item via an owner’s wallet and its functions.

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The technology

Using advanced recognition and identification techniques created by leading experts in computer vision, artificial intelligence and decentralized infrastructure, ORIGYN is able to uniquely identify physical objects even if they are of the same make or model, a solution that far surpasses anything in the market today.

Drawing from the strengths of this technology, we can guarantee the authenticity of ORIGYN minted items and are setting the pace to make matching and authenticity verification as easy as snapping a picture with a smartphone.

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Industry advantages


Faster resale of newly acquired inventory, which is enabled by a quick and irrefutable verification process for retailers and certified pre-owned companies to validate authenticity and resell the item faster

Ecosystem rewards, including limited series certificates, affiliated minting partners and global exposure to new consumer segments

A window to new revenue streams and consumer touch points to offer value-adding services

Increase transaction values by enabling consumers to resell items in a faster, more transparent manner

Enhance trust between brands and businesses with consumers

Consumer Benefits

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A paperless certificate that can never be lost or falsified

A global guarantee of a luxury item’s authenticity and value (ORIGYN compensates for any items proven to be counterfeit in its minted inventory)

New services and ways to experience ownership, including opportunities for lost or stolen registration and recovery, better insurance offerings, warranties, financing opportunities, title pre-purchasing, bequeathal and heirlooming, watch grading, heritage notarization and more

The opportunity to resell products on any CPO platform or marketplace by sharing the NFT certificate as proof of authenticity