The ORIGYN Foundation Utility Token

OGY is the native utility token of ORIGYN Foundation. It is necessary to engage with the core service of the platform and is used to create and transact certificates of authenticity. OGY is also required to vote in the governance of ORIGYN.

To learn more about The ORIGYN Foundation Token, read our token summary.

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ORIGYN is built on open and shared governance

ORIGYN operates a unique governance design, shared between vertical industry partners, serving as Nodes, and token holders. Nodes mint certificates, govern the platform and function as a gateway to the global community.


ORIGYN digital twins contain item identification, authentication and ownership data minted in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Our technology surpasses other certification solutions in the market due to our advanced feature mapping and data capture capabilities.

ORIGYN Foundation leverages the Internet Computer (IC)—the first internet-scale and web-speed public blockchain—to mint, maintain and transfer ownership of digital twins. The Internet Computer is the first blockchain in the world that can host large amounts of data inside smart contracts. Given this capacity, everything may stay on the blockchain during this process, making it a truly decentralized option for NFTs.

ORIGYN is deployed upon a comprehensive decentralized tech stack that supports open industry ecosystems, their tokenization and governance by industry participants. We maintain a comprehensive science-led R&D program dedicated to continually expanding the art of what’s possible.

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We. Build. Trust.

The infrastructure that supports ORIGYN creates a revolutionary ecosystem designed to build open, tamperproof, decentralized, inspectable, transparent and trustworthy solutions.



A decentralized, distributed (often public) digital ledger consisting of records called “blocks” that are used to record transactions across many computers. This prevents a solitary block from being retroactively altered without the alteration of all subsequent blocks. Blockchain technology can be used to store and transmit information transparently and securely, operating without a central controlling authority.


Canisters are computational units that include both program and state. A software canister is similar in function to a container—both are deployed as a software unit containing compiled code and dependencies for an application or service.

Decentralized Economy

A movement initiated nearly 40 years ago by the IP protocol that gave birth to the Internet as we know it. The IP protocol revolutionized the transfer of information, democratizing it through decentralization. Today, we observe the logical continuation of this revolution through the decentralization of trust (trustless protocol). ORIGYN is built on this new model (i.e., ORIGYN’s blockchain ledger is irrevocable, incorruptible and transparent).


The DFINITY Foundation is a not-for-profit organization based in Zurich, Switzerland, which operates research centers in Palo Alto, San Francisco and Zurich. The DFINITY Foundation is dedicated to bringing people and organizations together to learn about and collaborate on the next-generation of decentralized applications. The Internet Computer allows developers to build dapps that are scalable, run smart contracts at web speed and serve user experiences directly on chain.

Digital Twin

A solitary, tamperproof duplicate of the authenticated physical object.


The process of capturing the biometric features of an item through ultra high-resolution images and data collection.

Fractionalized NFT

An asset that has been divided into other non-fungible tokens.

Internet Computer

A revolutionary new technology stack that is tamper-proof, fast, efficiently scalable and supports a new kind of autonomous software that promises to reverse Big Tech’s monopolization of the internet. ORIGYN uses the IC to mint, maintain and transfer digital twins.


The proprietary process of matching a physical asset with a digital twin in the ORIGYN database by comparing unique features that the human eye normally does not detect.


The process of generating an object’s singular digital twin. Just as governments mint money, ORIGYN mints NFT certificates for natively digital assets and real-world physical goods.

Non-fungible token

An NFT is a specific unit of data stored in a blockchain that is both non-interchangeable and distinct.


Tokens are used to record and transfer information and value. They represent programmable assets or access rights, managed by a smart contract and an underlying distributed ledger such as a blockchain network.


The location where a user can view and interact (buy, sell, transfer) with their digital twins.

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